Pilana Bor Company produces a variety of Timbers sustainably produced beech,pine(white or black), and “MKD:cam” logs for the Domestic and Export market, sizes up to 24”x24”x40’ in length in both standard and
full-sawn with options on appearance and F.O.H.C. grades are all available.

a) Surfaced Timbers

Surfaced Timbers are great for exposed application where the strength, beauty and straightness are exposed for all to see.
Surfaced Timbers come in 4”x4” to 4”x14” from 8’-32’ as well as 6”x6” to 6”x14” from 8’-32’.
S2S Timbers


S3S Timbers


Large stack of wood planks.

b) Rough Timbers

From Metric to Domestic Stimson has an option to fit your needs. We offer structural, shops, clears, transmission arms, cross arms or crane mat material for all your industrial needs.
Rough Timbers